caring is creepy
this might be a weird question but actually, what is redux? o___o i don't really see any similarities in the ones i see except for the fundamental structuring of a sidebar and blocked posts OTL

well a trend occurred sometime like a couple years ago where ppl edited the old tumblr default blog theme called redux and started posting their edited versions of it in the redux edit tag and almost every edit got hundreds of notes no matter how generic they were and people started posting random text posts and starting fights it was fun…but i dont think the redux edit fad is that wild anymore unfortunately

Anonymous asked:
Ummmm maybe people don't want to see dead bodies and blood and heads cut off from gaza posts????????? Not everyone is strong like you at handing gore. Shut the fuck up.

is this abt that thing i said weeks ago?

like……i blacklist gore and blood and all of that cuz i cant handle it either but knowing current events and being a participating person who forms opinions on said events is different from purposely choosing to ignore whats really happening around the world ..feel free to blacklist blood n gore like i never said u shouldnt. ppl who blacklist ferguson and gaza because they dont feel its valued enough to pay attention to is the thing i was irritated about

also why should i have to be the 1 to shut up when u came to ME